Free ACT/SAT Library Programs

FALL 2018/SPRING 2019 SCHEDULE UPDATE: A new round of free SAT/ACT library programs will be available before the conclusion of summer. However, if you are seeking affordable summer SAT/ACT preparation options, click here. Take advantage of the summer to prepare, nail your scores by October, and finally walk away from these tests forever.

Whether it’s in a free library or small group program, classes prepare for both the SAT and the ACT and are taught by Alberto Howe, founder of Affordable College Solutions.

The free library programs, primarily funded the Broward Public Library Foundation, are intensive and fill up quickly. Pick a schedule, check your calendar, commit to the scheduled dates, and call your library to pre-register. Contact your local library to express your interest.

In the first couple minutes of the Broward Public Library Foundation video above, see if you can find the students who got into Harvard and UC Berkeley using the free library program?

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