Before you register for the ACT or SAT, make sure you have at least 8-12 weeks set aside for solid test preparation. The best time to start your preparation is today: the sooner you start, the better. Summertime is ideal because the interruptions of a typical school year – homework, term papers, quizzes, exams, sports, volunteer hours, etc. – won’t directly interfere with your prep. Get familiar with the upcoming ACT test dates and create your own prep calendar to get ready. Affordable College Solutions is running monthly $30 Live Online SAT/ACT test preparation classes leading up to actual exam dates. Each session affordably cross-trains for both tests in each session, helping you save your hard-earned money while making tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships. Click the pic below and find your test date. Then, after you’re registered, sign up for the monthly $30 Live Online SAT/ACT test preparation classes by Affordable College Solutions: