April 2021 ACT Student Feedback

  • “English was a breeze”
  • “dang comma rules; I need to practice them more”
  • “it was cake”
  • “very easy with some tricky questions”
  • “just like homework”
  • “good number of vocab questions”
  • “stargazing was fun”
  • MATH:
  • “need to learn to group different pairings”
  • “the log 3 x 10 question was not nice”
  • “math wuz easy”
  • “just like you said, questions 1-40 were EZ and medium”
  • “I didn’t like the 18” block question
  • “I. literally. HATE. math. but I know what to study for next test”
  • “by the way, I don’t like truck drivers either”
  • “‘the time between bliking lights’…why?”
  • “what are permutations again?”
  • “omg it had standard deviation like in the SAT”
  • “what was that ellipse question with the foci i didn’t know what a foci was?”
  • “I need to practice annotating, but it was pretty easy”
  • “I need to work on my 4 steps; my pacing was not good”
  • “all I remember is answering “clay”
  • “bruh the california one was hard”
  • “they can keep ballet and send it to california” LOL
  • “planets again & and this time a dual passage!!! Europa, Earth who cares :(”
  • “I need to ID the harder passages much faster”
  • “I can now understand the charts and graphs much better”
  • “this was like the homework…two were really confusing me…i dummy answered those”
  • “what’s up with that pedigree chart?”
  • “while i was taking science, some lady came into the room and was talking to the proctor for so long so i lost like five minutes of time… the proctor’s phone also started ringing midway thru the test”
  • “moisture!?!?!?”
  • “uniform vs. normal?”

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Bright Futures Deadline Has Been Extended for Seniors Until Dec 2021!

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SESSION 8: ACT Science Practice Test Drill & Review & Full Practice Test WEEKEND Recap!

SESSION 8 of 8 HOMEWORK Schedule: 1st Completely Read Instructions Before You Begin Homework

  • Thursday, Apr 8: 9 days until
    • PART 1
      • Scroll through and find the complete layout of an actual Science test section: FULL ACT SCIENCE Section
        • notice how many pages the passages occupy
        • think of how worn you might feel when you reach this 4th section of the ACT
        • you will receive a 5min break before this section
      • Start at the 4min:40sec mark and Watch: Part 1 Real World ACT Science Strategy video
        • General Steps for Science Section:
          • Get your game face on during the 5min break before the section!
          • Decide whether you will work on only 5 passages or all 6 (or 4)
          • Start! Write down your Start, End, and 5min Warning Times
          • Immediately determine your Order of Difficulty
          • Attack each passage by 1st getting a simple understanding of the charts and graphs
          • Then ATTACK the Questions and its answers from the Bottom-Up!
          • Never hug Questions!
          • Any Question that doesn’t refer to the chart or graph, go fetch the answer in within the text of the passage
    • PART 2
    • See you at 4pm in class!
  • Friday, Apr 9: 8 days until
  • Saturday, Apr 10: 7 days until
    • Practice ACT Weekend!
    • Open and print the Practice ACT Test
    • Take the following in one sitting or break up the sections over the weekend: you decide. Just be done by 4pm Sunday!
      • Set aside:
        • 45mins for the English section
        • 5min break
        • 60mins for the Math section
        • 5min break
        • 35mins for the Reading section
        • 5min break
        • 35mins for the Science section
      • Approach this with fun!
  • Sunday, Apr 11: 6 days until
    • Part 1. Reminder
      • Wrap up your practice test sections
      • When finished with a section, circle the questions that gave you trouble
      • Compare your answers with the answer key found in the last few pages of the test
    • Part 2. Be Real
      • Are you behind with your homework or practice test sections? I’m hearing from students that they’re behind mainly because of schoolwork. If you are, don’t worry. Just reset your plan and complete the practice test sections over the next couple days. This week is all about practice. You’ll be fine. Solutions and Videos arrive tomorrow!

SESSION 7 of 8: ACT Science Fundamentals & Test-Taking Techniques Recap

SESSION 7 of 8 HOMEWORK Schedule: 1st Completely Read Instructions Before You Begin Homework

SESSION 6 of 8: ACT Math Practice Test Drill & Review Recap

Open and review: BRIGHT FUTURES UPDATE – April 1st 2021

SESSION 6 of 8 HOMEWORK Schedule: 1st Completely Read Instructions Before You Begin Homework

Session 5: ACT Math Fundamentals & Test-Taking Techniques Recap

SESSION 5 of 8 HOMEWORK Schedule: 1st Completely Read Instructions Before You Begin Homework

SESSION 4 of 8 HOMEWORK Schedule:

SESSION 3 of 8 HOMEWORK Schedule:

  • Monday, Mar 22: 26 days until
    • Catch-Up Day if you are still behind! Get caught up with any incomplete assignments.
    • EZ Grammar Drills for those who are caught up:
    • Update on Changes to Bright Futures Scholarships:
      • Earlier today, I contacted the office of Florida District 12 Senator Dennis Baxley and spoke with Sen. Baxley’s Senior Legislative Assistant Matt McClain. Matt McClain summarized that Sen. Baxley’s proposed Senate Bill 86 (still in committee) better allocates Bright Futures dollars in the hands of more students who will benefit most from a 4-year education that statistically leads to employment after college graduation. In addition, high school and college students will be provided a list of college majors/degrees that are at risk of not providing employment after graduation, allowing students to better determine their career paths. As of this morning, SAT and ACT Bright Futures score requirements appear to remain the same: 75% = 25 ACT or 1210 SAT; 100% = 29 ACT or 1330 SAT. As with any proposed bill, there are pros and cons that are deliberated and amended while in stages of committee. One area of note is Senate Bill 86 might particularly impact those who potentially earn up to 60 college credit hours while participating in high school AP, IB, AICE, and Dual Enrollment studies. Rather than receive 100% Bright Futures that fund a full 120 college credit hours, college-credited-program students might receive reduced Bright Futures funding based on credit hours received. For a more complete and updated analysis of today’s amendment to Proposed Bill 86, McClain directed us to review the following link: https://flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2021/86/Analyses/2021s00086.pre.aed.PDF
  • Tuesday, Mar 23: 25 days until
  • Wednesday, Mar 24: 24 days until
    • Today thru Friday are your most important Reading homework assignments. Do them slowly without rushing. Make sure your head is clear of everything else. Be real.
    • Again, review SESSION 3 of 8 RECAP
    • Again, review the 4-Step Reading Cheat Method
    • Reading Drill: Print out Passage 3 and its Questions
      • Do this slowly – No Rush – you are going to methodically execute your 4 steps per passage
      • Rather than 8mins, set a timer for 15mins and repeat what you saw in yesterday’s Passage 1 video
      • Your goal is to become familiar and very comfortable with
        • attacking the questions
        • and skimming and quick noting
      • When done, really sit back and analyze the Passage 3 Solutions pages (5mins per passage)
        • Notice what I underlined in red that shows mold on bad answers
        • Notice how the test-makers are trying to get you to bite on bait
        • Notice how my quick notes are simple words to give me the basic main idea of the paragraphs

SESSION 2 of 8 HOMEWORK Schedule:

SESSION 1 of 8 HOMEWORK Schedule:

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