College Board ENDS the SAT Subject Tests and SAT Essay

seriously. before you sign up Here, know the 7 facts for why you should prepare for the SAT and act

Fact 1. The SAT and ACT are not leaving our lives. They make over $1 billion annually: that’s 1000 x $1,000,000 coming from parents’ pockets. Sorry to tell you, but they’re here to stay. Result: You better get ready and beat the tests.

Fact 2. Colleges are not decreasing their tuition; they continue to climb. As tuition climbs, are colleges offering more tuition breaks? Nope. You can take out loans OR GO AFTER SCHOLARSHIPS (free money), which are tied to test scores! Result: Your savings account is at a serious disadvantage if you take out loans. To get those scholarships, you better get ready and beat the tests.

Fact 3. You hear that colleges are now going “test-optional.” What does “test-optional” truly mean? When colleges announce they are suspending SAT and ACT score requirements for admissions and making them optional, are they misleading you? Are colleges misleading you to make themselves look good when they say they’re suspending SAT/ACT score requirements, making them optional for admission, but behind the scenes are still considering students with test scores to be more attractive and more competitive than those without test scores? If you submit your application without scores, you WILL be competing with those who submit their applications with scores, which will make your application look less attractive. Result: Don’t believe the hype. You better get ready and beat the tests.

Fact 4. The SAT and ACT tests do not measure your intelligence. Fact 5. They do not show how smart you are. Fact 6. They do not predict how well you’ll perform in your freshman year in college. Result: Test scores statistically reveal a student’s household income, so the higher the test score, the higher the household income. The lower the test score, the lower the household income. You are not a statistic; you are an individual, so beat their game by getting ready to beat the tests.

Fact 7. Time is never on your side. The sooner you start, the closer you’ll get to your goal: more free scholarship $$$ for college. The later you start, the more you will own in loans with interest for the next 20-30 years. Result: Be smart. Be debt-free by age 30. You better get ready and beat the tests. You owe it to yourself and your parents not to get ripped off.

Your Daily Mirror Talk: I want to have the best chance of getting into the college of my choice, finding the best and highest scholarship offers, and bypassing other students who fail to take advantage of getting higher test scores. I should prepare to beat the tests, no matter my family’s financial situation, because it’s possible to beat not only the tests but also high tuition costs and student loan debt. I now know what to do and how to get it done.  I’m my hope! Now, click on the mirror below and sign up:

Mirror, mirror…