College Board ENDS the SAT Subject Tests and SAT Essay June 2021

Parents and teens have noticed that Broward County Public Library’s most popular teen program, the Free Intensive SAT/ACT Classes, which attract up to 100 teen sign-ups, has been postponed due to Covid-19 since mid-March. Though our community is certain that life will eventually return to some semblance of normalcy, future SAT/ACT programs might have to restrict the number of attendees once the programs resume. In addition, certain protocols might have to be observed by participating libraries: spacing of seats, use of masks and/or gloves, etc. For teachers, parents, and teens, the pre-Covid routines once taken for granted – student drop-offs, school bus schedules, lunch-time and classroom seating, after school gatherings, etc – will invariably be altered once schools resume classes. Newly formed anxieties will be expected, including how parents and teens will handle the college admissions process. Rumors (the best friend of anxieties) will spread, especially when associated with when and how now to prepare for the SAT and ACT.

“A test score doesn’t show how smart you are or how good your school is. It only shows how well or badly you’re prepared for an SAT or ACT.”

If you have ever met Mr. Alberto, founder of Affordable College Solutions, at any of these free SAT/ACT programs offered since 2002, he will be very direct with you, “Get in gear NOW to beat both the SATs and ACTs! Don’t blow your best opportunity for free money in the form of scholarships, which never have to be paid back.” With the last few months seeing many families face financial hardships, Mr. Alberto’s call to action is more true now than ever.

“Don’t blow your best opportunity for free money in the form of scholarships, which never have to be paid back.” – Mr. Alberto

“In early March, I had class of 2020 students ready to take the March SAT and April ACT to boost their scores for Bright Futures scholarships, but the tests were canceled. Where did that leave the teen who needed only 2 more ACT points for a 100% paid scholarship? Or the teen who needed just 20 more SAT points for a 75% paid scholarship?” Note: 100% scholarships awarded for a 1290 SAT or 29 ACT score. 75% scholarships awarded for an 1170 SAT or 26 ACT score. The class of 2021 and beyond must score a 1330 SAT or 29 ACT for 100% BF or a 1210 SAT or 25 ACT for 75% BF.

Recently, Florida extended the Bright Futures application deadline until December 1st, providing a third chance for the class of 2020 to achieve higher SAT and ACT test scores. Mr. Alberto says, “If I were a 2020 student during these financially uncertain times, I’d be all over those tests because I would want access to tens of thousands of dollars that I will never have to pay back! It’s a no-brainer for any hard-working family, especially single-parent households.”

Since 2001, Mr. Alberto Howe has helped thousands of teens and parents who suffered unnecessary anxiety and self-doubt discover the secrets to beating the SAT and ACT exams. By employing “real-world” test strategies learned in his programs, teens have gained access to higher scholarships and colleges like Duke, Columbia, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, MIT, and Harvard, to name a few.

“Bill Gates can buy anything in this world except lost time: 5 minutes ago is forever gone.”

Mr. Alberto is now offering affordable, live online SAT/ACT instruction that cross-trains for both the SAT and the ACT tests in each session. He personally instructs teens in every subject of both tests using what he calls a “fun, kindergarten approach to destroying tricky questions and answers.” Though jovial regarding the “fun” in preparation, Mr. Alberto is strikingly serious when it involves squandered time. “Bill Gates can buy anything in this world except lost time: 5 minutes ago is forever gone. But teens can prepare as soon as today and, through their test-prep efforts, inexpensively purchase a much better future for themselves!”