This offer is meant for those who already attended a prior Free SAT or ACT Library Program but need deeper, more intensive instruction leading up to the next exam. The next free SAT Library Program will have alot of introductory material in the first few sessions, which is great for the novice, but steals time from those who already know that info. Another advantage is that you’ll start as soon as today. I sent a practice SAT test for this weekend, and we start breaking it down tomorrow until the next practice test, likely next weekend.

I truly love my free library programs, but I worry about those who need to jump on a more aggressive prep style now. The library program kicks off next week.

To go aggressive, select the $30 Former Free Library Program option when you click here.

But if you are new and just getting started with SAT preparation, attend the free SAT Library Program that begins Tuesday, Feb 16th by signing up here.

Call me with any questions: 786-877-7231

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