Free ACT/SAT Library Programs

The FALL 2019/SPRING 2020 SCHEDULE: A new round of free library SAT/ACT classes is in the planning stages with courses scheduled to begin September 2019!  Each regional library is scheduled to participate: the African American Research Library and Cultural Center (AARLCC), South Regional, Southwest Regional, North Regional, Northwest Regional, West Regional, and Main Library.  The newly renovated Pompano Beach library is also being considered.

Whether free library or small group program, classes prepare for both the SAT and the ACT and are taught by Alberto Howe, founder of Affordable College Solutions, former Executive Director of The Princeton Review South Florida, and former Test Room Supervisor for both College Board’s SAT exam and ACT Inc.’s ACT exam.

The free library programs, primarily funded by the Broward Public Library Foundation, are intensive and fill up quickly with the most recent program having filled in 23 minutes. Commitment to each session is necessary if a teen truly desires to boost his or her score.

In the first couple minutes of the Broward Public Library Foundation video above, do you see the students who got into Harvard and UC Berkeley using the free library program?

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