This post is written in the first person, so you can hear yourself pour some needed inspiration onto your test-taking spirit.

My answer to “test optional”: NO!

If I want to have the best chance of getting into the college of my choice, finding the best and highest scholarship offers, and bypassing other students who fail to take advantage of getting higher test scores, I should prepare to beat the tests, no matter my family’s financial situation.

I’ve heard arguments for and against the SAT and ACT and of how colleges now care more about the current stresses in my life, but all of this only leads me to finally realize that “I still have to take the tests.”

Let’s be real.

Let’s be real. Colleges, do you really care about how my friends and I feel about our college future? Then why won’t you drastically lower your over-priced tuition, lower your outrageously priced text books, drop your application fee, and…drum roll…entirely drop the standardized test requirement. But you won’t do that. Instead, you try to sell us the idea of “test optional” as if it really helps us. It just leaves us in the same position – at your admission system’s mercy.

“Instead, I will empower myself!”

Instead, I will empower myself and find the best, used test prep books on Amazon; I will research and find the highest quality and most affordable test prep course in my community; and I will leverage the resources at my local library. And when I do these things, I will beat the tests and submit my stellar scores (or as close as I can to them) along with my college applications.

To get a better understanding of how colleges are taking a supposedly meaningful view of your current dilemma, click on the Harvard article pic below, read, and know more! The only way that you’re going to find the right direction and win is by opening your eyes.