Small Group ACT/SAT Classes

How’s it done? Our affordable hybrid course prepares for both the ACT and the SAT in each class. Students prepare in an engaging small-group environment that systematically empowers them to manipulate the tests rather than be manipulated by them. Each class session focuses on four areas: fundamentals, technique, recognition/reaction, and timing. A 15 minute minimum to no more than 30 minutes of daily practice is expected.

What’s the catch? No catch, just straight instruction:

  • 2-hrs per session
  • students number 6-18 max, depending on location
  • at least 2 subjects covered intensively
  • drop into any session to get started
  • attend until you “get it”
  • drop in any time to brush-up even after you do “get it”
  • real-world and fair pricing

What’s our guarantee? We don’t believe in guarantees. Bells and whistles like “score improvement guarantee,” “or your money back,” “most comprehensive online materials,” “online portals,” “most online channels,” etc. are simply bloated marketing statements that you’ll pay for when choosing a big-name company. We believe in real, live grassroots instruction. After all, do colleges offer guarantees?

What do you need to do? Just work hard, play hard, and get back what you put in. Courses fill quickly.

Course Schedules and prices:

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Phone: 786-877-7231