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Welcome. You are now involved in a real-world, free SAT/ACT test preparation program (valued at $600 per student) designed and taught by the founder of Affordable College Solutions, Mr. Alberto, who believes that ANYONE can beat the tests if he or she REALLY wants to. His programs have raised the test scores of Broward’s teens since 2001, opening doors and scholarships to MIT, Harvard, Stanford, NYU, Columbia, FSU, UF, UM, and many more colleges. With the right attitude and work ethic, it’s easy to beat the tests. Here are a few results: https://www.affordablecollegesolutions.com/sharing-good-news-positive-results/

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We meet live 4-5:15pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. Daily homework is assigned:

  • Session 1 • October 11, Math Practice Test Drill/Review  Session 1 Recording – Password: GOOD
  • Session 2 • October 13, Grammar Practice Test Drill/Review Session 2 Recording – Password: GOOD
  • Session 3 • October 18, Reading Practice Test Drill/Review
  • Session 4 • October 20, Full Practice Test Drill/Review
  • Session 5 • October 25, Math Fundamentals/Test-Taking Techniques
  • Session 6 • October 27, Grammar Fundamentals & Test Techniques
  • Session 7 • November 1, Reading Fundamentals & Test Techniques
  • Session 8 • November 3 Smart Test-Day Strategies: Putting It All Together

SESSION 1: SAT/ACT Math Practice Test Drill & Review Recap!

SESSION 1 of 8 HOMEWORK Schedule: 1st Completely Read Instructions Before You Begin Homework

SESSION 2: SAT/ACT Grammar Practice Test Drill & Review Recap!

SESSION 2 of 8 HOMEWORK Schedule: 1st Completely Read Instructions Before You Begin Homework

  • Wednesday, Oct 13: 24 Days Until
    • Clear your mind and get in FOCUS
    • Grammar – Comma Rules
    • Estimated time for completion: 20mins
    • See you in class at 4pm for SAT/ACT Grammar Practice Test Drill & Review!
  • Thursday, Oct 14: 23 Days Until
  • Friday, Oct 15: 22 Days Until
    • Clear your mind and get in FOCUS
    • BONUS: If you are unsure whether your college application essay is solid enough for submission, click on this link to see rough and final drafts of essays submitted by Broward county students: Sample College Application Essays!
  • Saturday, Oct 16: 21 Days Until
    • Math – Practice Test Math With Calc Drill – Identifying Your Dusty Weaknesses
    • Estimated time for completion: 35-45mins
      • Step 1. Open and print the Math With Calc section from Full-Length Practice Test 9
      • Step 2. For each Q, get your first impression:
        • 1. “I own this!” – Owned in 20-30secs
        • 2. “Umm…I think I got this.” – Might be correct in 60-90secs
        • 3. “I have no idea!” – Use 20secs to get familiar with words in the Q and types of answers
      • Step 3. Completely Circle any Q that feels like impressions 2. or 3.
      • Step 4. Then CHEAT! Go straight to its Solution (see Step 5.), see how easy it is, and then own it through practice over the next couple days!
      • Step 5. Open, review (1min per missed Question), and understand (no need to print): SAT Practice Test 9 Math With Calc Solutions
  • Sunday, Oct 17: 20 Days Until
    • Clear your mind and get in FOCUS
    • Grammar – Practice Test Section Drill (Work on this today or tomorrow)
    • Estimated time for completion: 35-45mins
      • Again, Review (1-2mins) Grammar Rules Cheat Sheet
      • Print out and Complete Grammar Drill (time yourself 45mins)
      • Your mission is to put together everything you’ve done from the last Grammar assignment and see whether you now understand and recognize your technique, pacing, Grammar rules, and ability to overcome weaknesses
      • Check your answers against the Answer Key located on the last page of the drill
      • Review and understand (5mins): Complete Drill Solutions