Warning! ACT Wanting and Pushing To Go Online


3. Can you say “resist?”

As of last year, rumblings of ACT tests going online have been gaining steam. Some folks are for it, some not. You are likely to be offered the option of taking the ACT online or by paper when your school district decides to administer the test for free during a school day, known as National Test Day. Why would a school district want its students to take the test online rather than on paper? The district likely receives a deeper discount to offer the test online for free to its students just like it does for paper/pencil tests. At first it sounds like a good idea to offer this option; however, teens will merely be used as guinea pigs to iron out technical issues and sample newly made questions. Our advice is to always select the paper/pencil and let the “others’ taking the test be the lab rats. Unfortunately, we predict that beginning with the class of 2023 all teens will be forced to take the test online, including SAT. To learn more and be prepared, just click on the pic below: